Sierra Christian Church, Loomis, California


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~ ALL are welcome ~

Services 10:30AM at 5645 Rocklin Road, Loomis, CA

We Are a Community of Faith thatÖ
...finds our unity in one essential statement of faith: that Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Lord.

...believes the Bible is the living word of God through which we come to understand our relationship with God and Godís creation. The Bible informs and inspires us to live meaningful lives.

...affirms that each person is to be guided by the Bible, the Holy Spirit, prayer, fellowship, service and study. We do not expect everyoneís interpretation of the Bible or the Christian life to be identical.

...celebrates the Lordís Table every week in worship. All people are invited to be a part of Communion where we remember that it is Christ who makes the invitation and who keeps us together.

...understands baptism as the acceptance of Godís gift of new life. While we practice baptism by immersion, we recognize baptism to be more Godís action than ours and therefore affirm other forms of baptism as being authentic.

...supports each other in living our life with meaning, peace and joy. We encourage each other to use the resources God has given us to live in ways that honor God, the world, each other and ourselves.

...affirms each personís dignity and worth. We seek to live out Godís justice by addressing issues of equality, stewardship of the earth, and the affirmation of cultural and religious diversity.

...seeks to integrate faith into our daily life as we learn to trust in Godís saving grace and renewing love. Together, we build our lives and share the confidence to live with trust in God.

Sierra Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)

Sunday Service at 10:30AM
5645 Rocklin Road (east of Sierra College Blvd.) (see map)
Loomis, California 95650

Church phone (916) 624-8733

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